Lessons from Sandra Bullock

Normally, the world of screening and security has me reading reports on fraud and stupid corporate stunts. Every now and then, though, my Google Alerts throw something juicier up on my screen. That’s what happened this week.

A blog named MomLogic published a post by Dr. Wendy Walsh with the title, “Sandra Didn’t Believe the Background Check.” The supermarket tabloids could not have done better.

Here are the basics of the tawdry story. When Sandra Bullock met Jesse James, her tattoo-sporting, biker husband, he was married, for the second time. His wife was pregnant. He had two children by his first wife.

Now several women have come forward claiming affairs with Jesse. Sandra Bullock is consulting divorce attorneys.

There’s no reference in the blog post to any actual background check. So what does one more Hollywood divorce have to do with background checks and with you? Here’s the answer from Dr. Walsh.

“It’s an old adage, but: If you want to predict someone’s future behavior, look no further than their past behavior. As Sigmund Freud so brilliantly observed, ‘Human beings have a compulsion to repeat.'”

That’s one reason we do background checks. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Background checks help you discover any past behavior that an applicant might not willingly share.

This is especially important when it looks like you’ve got just the right person and get excited about it. When that person looks like they might be the perfect employee or tenant it’s easy to get excited and overlook things.

That’s when a step-by-step, check-the-boxes screening process that includes a background check can save you. That’s when a background check is your reality check.

One thought on “Lessons from Sandra Bullock

  1. Leah Ricotta

    Thank you for the in site ! I’m currently going through a 8 year breakup and we are still in contact because we share financial responsibilities together,how ever ,My now ex is trying very hard to get back together with me ,He had 14 years clean and sober and he decides one day to go to the store and buy a beer, and then stay out all night long using crack cocaine, I was and still am devastated! He is trying to convince me that he has changed ,my point is past behavior is a predictor for future behavior ,I love it gives me something to think about so I thank you for the article!!:)


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