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Nationwide Property Search - Starting at only $9.99

Check any home instantly! Results will appear in approximately 60 seconds,and we will also e-mail you a copy of the report. 

No realtor will contact you and we will not give your information to anyone else.
Our guarantee: No results, no charge!
Our instant property reports give you the information you need, while protecting your privacy. You will NOT be contacted by realtors or any third party.
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Detailed Property Profile ($9.99):
Get ownership, purchase date and price, and basic physical property information plus mortgage and cash down amounts, prior sale information, tax assessments on land and improvement values, additional house details, and more. See an example.

Property Valuation and Detailed Profile ($29.99):
Find out how much a home is worth, based on specific home features as well as location. This is the same valuation tool used by the banks. A Detailed Profile of the property is included in this report (a description of the Detailed Profile is given above). See an example.

Property Legal and Vesting Report ($24.99):
Gives ownership, legal, sales, and financing details. The information given here can also be used to request a Document Image of the latest sales paperwork. See an example.


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