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Services and pricing

SentryLink provides a comprehensive solution for your employment screening needs. We also have many casual users who use our reports to check out dates, neighbors, or potential business partners. We provide e-mail copies of all criminal reports, receipts for expense and tax purposes, and access to all archived reports online for 30 days.

To learn more about a report and see an example of what it looks like, just click on "Show me". To run a report, click "Order now". Please note that certain reports are not available to the general public. All reports are instant (except for the SSN Trace report), and results are returned within one minute of placing your order.

Corporate and volume accounts are available!  Click here for more information.

Do you have other questions about our services? Please contact us.

Criminal Background Checks

Our most popular product, our instant national criminal background check allows you to check out potential employees or tenants with the click of a mouse. Suitable for pre-employment screening and tenant background checks, or for checking out potential dates and neighbors.

(For legal issues and a discussion of FCRA compliance, please see our criminal background check FAQ.)

Report Sample
National Criminal Background Check Show me $19.95
SSN Trace Show me $7.00

Driving Records (MVRs)

View a sample of a driving record

Make sure that your employees will drive responsibly with our motor vehicle record reports. All report results are instant and come straight from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Prices are listed below.

Instant driving records are available to corporate customers only. To enable your account for driving record access, we offer a quick one-time sign up process. If you already have access click here to search.

State Price
Alabama $19.95
Arizona $19.95
Arkansas $19.95
California $19.95
Colorado $19.95
Connecticut $24.95
Delaware $24.95
Florida $19.95
Idaho $19.95
Illinois $19.95
Indiana $19.95
Iowa $19.95
Kansas $19.95
Kentucky $19.95
Louisiana $19.95
Maine $19.95
Maryland $19.95
Michigan $19.95
Minnesota $19.95
Mississippi $19.95
Missouri $19.95
Montana $19.95
Nebraska $19.95
Nevada $19.95
New Hampshire $19.95
New Jersey $19.95
New Mexico $19.95
New York $19.95
North Carolina $19.95
North Dakota $19.95
Ohio $19.95
Oklahoma $31.95
Rhode Island $24.95
South Carolina $19.95
South Dakota $19.95
Tennessee $19.95
Texas $19.95
Utah $19.95
Vermont $19.95
Virginia $19.95
West Virginia $19.95
Wisconsin $19.95

Property Reports

Get real estate information such as automated valuation models and sales price. Please note that these reports are not designed to be used for employment screening or other FCRA purposes.

Report Sample
Detailed Property Profile Show me Order now! $9.99
Property Valuation and Detailed Profile Show me Order now! $29.99
Property Legal and Vesting Report Show me Order now! $24.99
Property Document Image Show me Order now! $17.00
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