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Refund Policy

For criminal checks and other instant search products:

For criminal checks or social security traces the result “No records found” is considered a successful result and no refund will apply -- in providing the report, we are certifying that this person has no criminal records in our database (for criminal reports), or cautioning at the lack of SSN records (for SSN traces). For property reports, if no records are found, you will not be charged.

We will not refund fees for cases in which the user enters incorrect information, nor is SentryLink obligated to rerun a report with corrected information.

Because our data comes from public records, we cannot guarantee that information will be complete or fully up-to-date. We urge our customers to review the Coverage section of our site for details on exactly what we cover and how often jurisdictions update their records. Criminal records in particular may have anomalies for any of the following reasons:

It is also possible to get criminal records that are not the same person that you were searching for, particularly with common names. The computer does not filter results based on race or sex. Because social security numbers are present in only 18% of criminal records, we do not require it to match. Identity verification is a complex area that is not covered by a search of this nature. This is a general problem and not specific to SentryLink. We provide as much defendant information as possible in order to help you decide if that particular record is relevant or not.

For these reasons and the fact that we pay for every search submitted, we cannot guarantee full satisfaction for our instant search products.