Operational Status

Is SentryLink open?

Our website is open 24x7, and we continue to offer live customer support during business hours. As of March 24, per state order, all SentryLink customer service employees are working remotely.

How will this affect turnaround times?

As always, all driving record checks and social security number traces are instant. Due to the automated nature of these searches we do not anticipate any disruption.

The majority of our criminal background checks are instant as well; if we are able to provide an instant clear for an individual, we do so. If a potential court record needs to be verified, that can often be done via automation plus in-house review, and that speed should not change. In other cases we will send a court runner, and most courts are now open. In other words: most turnaround times will stay the same.

What if a court needed for a report is closed?

There are a few non-automated court systems that are closed due to the pandemic. If we need one for your report, what happens then? We give you a choice. Either you can wait for the court to re-open. Or, you can tell us to just send you whatever portion of the report we have been able to complete. We will provide whatever records we have been able to verify at other courts, if applicable, or say that no criminal records were found. In that case, to protect our users, we will put a statement on the report explaining that we were requested to terminate our research early and that completeness cannot be guaranteed.

Please note, as of right now this dilemma is rare. Courts are considered essential providers. This is just an option to a provide a report to you even in the worst case scenario.