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Homeowners associations are using background checks

Background checks aren't just for the government, employers and landlords any more. Now homeowners associations are getting into the background check act. The Clarion-Ledger from Clarion, Mississippi reports the following. A new development in Jackson requires criminal background checks for its potential residents. And a set of tony subdivisions building country French- and European-style homes in Rankin County has banned registered sex offenders in its protective covenants. Homeowners Association is a general term that's used for a variety of associations that manage common interest developments. The association has the authority to enforce the covenants, conditions, and restrictions and to manage [...]

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It can happen to anyone

Just when you were thinking that big, sophisticated, organizations have so many resources that they don't have background check problems, you catch sight of an article in the Washington Post with the title: "Clinton Campaign Cites Flawed Background Check." Here's the core of the article. A spokesman for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign yesterday blamed a faulty background check for the campaign's failure to raise any questions about Norman Hsu, a previously unknown businessman who suddenly became one of its biggest fundraisers. Though a commonly used public record search shows that Hsu had multiple business lawsuits filed against him [...]

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Thoughts from a pro

Sam Paris is a professional background checker who contracts out to large companies. There's an article about him and his views of reference checking today in Mass High Tech. You'll need a subscription to read the story that's titled "Lie Detection." If you don't have a subscription, here are some of the interesting and helpful points. How many applicants do you think misrepresent their education or employment history? Paris says it's about 30 percent and that many of them go to great lengths to do so. Lesson: make sure you dig deep enough. Paris also tracks trends in the background [...]

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Hiring advice

Texas business columnist Dave Beck just wrote a piece for the San Antonio Express-News headlined: "Watch for 'red flags' when hiring." Here's the lead. The rewards of smart hires are generally well-known. Longer retention, reduced turnover, increased employee satisfaction and morale, and decreased human resources costs are a few of the more obvious benefits. Less obvious is how to secure the right people. In fact, finding that right fit for your business sometimes seems more difficult than ever. To improve your hiring processes, you should learn to recognize the proverbial 'red flags.' By knowing the warning signs, both before the [...]

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Hiring today

Tara Muck wrote a fine article for the Northwest Arkansas Morning News about the changing nature of the job search. The title is "Who Are You?" Here's a clip. Background checks are becoming a staple of the hiring process conducted by companies big and small. The importance boils down to risk management -- stopping a potential problem before it starts. This is the sort of article that job seekers will be reading, so it makes sense for you to read it as well. Here are a few highlights. Muck points out that Depending on the job and the company, background [...]

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Accidental felons

If you watch this space and read the news, you might think that everyone is ramping up their use of background checks in hiring. You'd be wrong. An example of someone who's resisting the trend is Steve Mangan, general manager of Indiana Memorial Union Dining Services at Indiana University. In a story titled, "Hiring practices might ‘burn’ IMU Dining Services," the Indiana Daily Student (IDS) tells us that Dining Services is one of the few university departments that doesn't do background checks on everyone. Mangan and his supervisors do background checks when the law or university policies mandate it. That [...]

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