We offer a way for your employees, tenants, or volunteers to pay for and run a criminal background check on themselves, and submit it to you securely online.

Create a free account on SentryLink for your company or organization. Remember the e-mail address you use here. You will give your applicant that e-mail address.
Ask your applicant to run a National Criminal Background Check. Our system will walk them through putting in the necessary information to pay for and obtain their report. Once the report is ready, they can allow you to see it by using the Share button on the completed report. They will put in your email address from step 1 to share it securely to your account.
You will be notified by our system that a new report is ready for you to review. New reports will appear in My Shares and are archived in My Reports. You should confirm the name and date of birth on the report against the applicant's driver's license or other government-issued photo identification.

Please note:

  • Ask your applicants to start the process as early as possible -- many reports take time to complete!
  • This service is not available for motor vehicle records.
  • Either party may print or download unlimited PDF copies of the report.
  • A report may be shared online with only one SentryLink account.


For more information, please contact us.