Verified background checks

SentryLink will now verify any potential criminal records at the court before reporting them to our customers.

Why are verified background checks needed?

A verified search allows us to look at much a larger set of criminal records than the database alone. We can include records where the database only has partial information, records that would otherwise be missed. We also get fuller information on each case, ensuring you have the information you need to make an informed decision on your candidates.

In addition to more data, we believe this is the safest solution for employers. Nowadays there is little legal tolerance for any error in a background check. While lawsuits are rare, they can be painful for everyone. By verifying court records we can provide records that are fully up to date, every time.

Are you changing the price?

No! Although it will cost us more money to do these searches, our price for the National Criminal Background Check will stay at $19.95.

Will the reports be instant?

Most of the time, yes. We expect that most reports will still be instant or within 1 business day. We have the ability to reach most courts in the United States electronically. For courts with no online access, verifying any records found may take longer. 90% overall will complete within 4 business days. Sometimes, a court is delayed, and then we and all other background check companies may experience further delays. This is still much faster than the old way of doing background checks.

You can help us by providing full social security numbers and middle names for each applicant.

If a report is not instant, how will I get it?

We will notify you when your report is complete. You can also check on its status at any time on the SentryLink website, in My Reports.

I am concerned that a slow background check may cost me a good candidate.

Exprienced employers who do thorough background checks know they will take time, and will often hire an applicant contingent on successful passage of the background check. If you later find an item in their record that you find disqualifies them, you have the right to terminate them at that time.

If you do receive disqualifying information on the background check, you should follow the same procedure as when you get that information before offering them the position: give the applicant a copy of the background check, a copy of their Summary of Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, SentryLink's contact information, and advise them that their position is at risk. You should allow them at least 5 business days to dispute the results with us.