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Lying more and enjoying it less

If you think that more people are lying on their resumes and employment applications you've got support from an expert. Jude M. Werra runs an executive search firm based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Business Week reports that for a quarter century, Mr. Werra has been tracking the "executive résumé fraud, credentials inflation, and the misrepresentation of executive educational credentials" on the resumes that he receives. The result is Werra's "Liar's Index." The latest version covers resumes received in the first half of 2007 and, guess what? It's up a full five percentage points from the index for the last half of [...]

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Follow the rules

Up in Boston, Harvard School System Superintendent Thomas Jefferson has escaped one kind of trouble just in time to land in another kind. When the Worcester district attorney's office announced that it wouldn't pursue a criminal case on alleged illegal payments, Johnson must have breathed a sigh of relief. Now he's in trouble in a different way. Here's a quote from the Boston Globe about the situation and how a background check plays into it. A Harvard parent, Robert Harrah, said he has filed a complaint with the state's Criminal History Systems Board, alleging that Jefferson discussed his criminal record [...]

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Even a background check won’t save you

"For anyone who is dating and in a serious relationship, I strongly recommend doing a background check on your significant other. This could save you much pain and heartache." That's from a letter to the editor of the Tuscaloosa News headlined, "Before dating, check background." Here's the story. The writer of the letter met a woman he thought was "drop dead gorgeous." He doesn't tell us how or where. They went out on a date and he caught her stuffing her purse with silverware and the tip money he'd left on the table. Evidently this was no big deal for [...]

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Entrepreneur weighs in on background checks for small business

Nina Kaufman, who writes the "Make It Legal" blog for Entrepreneur filed a post titled "Conducting Background Checks." The blog provides information on legal matters for small businesses. Most of the advice is pretty straightforward. If you read this blog regularly, you know that we frequently offer advice like the following on background checks. . . . they can form an important facet of your due diligence for your small business. It’s not just about criminal matters, although that’s a part of it. For example, if you intend to hire an employee to handle sensitive financial matters, you’d want to [...]

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A Texas horror story

On Sunday, September 23, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram ran a major story by Darren Barbee about the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Service and that agency's background check and certification procedures for nurse aides. The headline was "Nurse aides let back into jobs despite ban: Texas recertifies some caregivers who were disciplined in theft and abuse cases." Barbee described the way things work this way. The tales found in the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Service's disciplinary files can be savage, sad and stomach-turning. But they are intended to serve an essential purpose: protecting Texas grandparents, disabled children [...]

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Tell them why and tell them what

When Judy Krezmer put together her program titled “Background Checks and Security Clearances" for the Pennsylvania College of Technology, she zeroed in on important advice for job seekers. The current emphasis on security and liability has made employers a lot more cautious about who they hire. No matter what job you apply for, you are likely to go through some kind of check — criminal, background or credit. Krezmer, operations and marketing manager for DePasquale Staffing Services in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, had two key pieces of advice for job seekers. She told them to expect a background check when they apply [...]

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