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The case of Amy Bishop

John Phillips is one of the country's leading experts on employment law. The good news for us is that he writes an excellent blog, The Word on Employment Law. There, he puts what he knows into terms that non-lawyer HR people and real-life managers can understand and use. His February 16, 2010 post, "Alabama Shooting and Background Checks," is a good example of his work. Biology professor, Amy Bishop, of the University of Alabama at Huntsville, is facing murder charges after killing three staff members and injuring three others on February 12, 2010. Here are two key paragraphs from Phillips' [...]

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To credit check or not to credit check?

The popular KnowHR blog recently ran a post that generated lots of comment from HR types. The title was A Master’s Class in Hiring a Person With Credit Wrecked By Bad Health and Being Laid Off. The blogger shared the story of a person who'd been out of work for some time because of medical problems. Because he was out of work and had medical bills, his credit suffered. The blogger asked how other HR people would handle the use of a credit report in hiring or not hiring the person. The discussion devolved into a question of whether or [...]

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Fitting Your Background Check to Your Hiring Strategy

The Macon Telegraph recently ran a story with this provocative headline: "Problem principals: Bibb school leaders had problems at previous jobs." Here's the lead. In the past 18 months, four Bibb County principals were investigated for allegations ranging from choking a student and mismanaging federal money to testing blunders and having an affair with a subordinate. Three of the principals had repeated problems in previous jobs, and the other one was the subject of several complaints before he was placed on paid leave and then resigned, school records show. Those "problems in previous jobs" are the things that background checks [...]

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How do they steal? Let me count the ways

Theft you will always have with you. The fact is that people steal. They will steal from you. They will steal from you no matter what you do. You can throw up your hands and let the thieves have their way. Or do something about it. Start by being aware of some of the many ways that employees steal. It comes to you courtesy of one of the standard professional references: The Small Business Fraud Manual from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Here are just a few ways that employees can get into your pocket. They steal cash. They [...]

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