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Navigating the Texas Regulatory Consistency Act: A Guide for Employers

On September 1, 2023, the Texas Regulatory Consistency Act, or House Bill 2127, will be coming into effect. For employers across the state, particularly those who are concerned about local ordinances when conducting employment screening, this Act may add some consistency and clarity. Let's explore what this means for businesses operating in Texas. Understanding the Shift The Texas Regulatory Consistency Act has been crafted with the intention of streamlining regulations across Texas. Its primary aim is to prevent cities and counties from enforcing or enacting rules that conflict with state statutes, unless expressly permitted by another law. With this Act, [...]

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FTC Issues Guidance to Landlords on Using Consumer Reports: Everything You Need to Know

In July 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released important guidance for landlords, property managers, and other housing providers who utilize tenant background checks for making housing decisions. Landlords often require a deeper understanding of their applicants than employers do, requiring in-depth background checks. This guidance aims to ensure clarity and compliance. It also seeks to clarify adverse actions, and when tenants should be notified of them. The FTC appears to be concerned that tenants are not always receiving the notices they are entitled to by law. Understanding Tenant Background Checks When landlords evaluate housing applications or decide on lease [...]

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