Starting in June 2024, SentryLink is required to collect additional information in order to perform criminal background checks:

  • Either a social security number for the applicant, or an affirmative statement that this person has no valid SSN.
  • [DEFERRED — will not be required on June 1] The address of the applicant. This is the current address of the report subject.

For more details, please keep reading.

Social Security Number of applicant, or affirmation

Almost all of our customers already put in an SSN, which is the best way to ensure accuracy and speed. For those few who do not, it will now be required.

If you have a candidate without an SSN, you may check the box stating that this person does not have an SSN. That statement will be printed on the final report. Making this statement may affect the accuracy of the search, so please do not use this option unless it is true.

Address of applicant (Deferred — this will not be required immediately)

This is the current residence of the person you are running the report on. It will allow us to perform a faster search, especially for applicants with common names. It will be used for compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) and full file disclosure.

We are adding an address autofill feature to make this as easy as possible for you. Start typing the address, and our system will often be able to fill the rest in within a few keystrokes.

This does not automatically trigger a letter to the applicant; we will continue to disclose when such letters will be sent by us. Please note that under the FCRA applicants are entitled to know when reports are run on them.

Thank you for choosing SentryLink and we appreciate your business.

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