Screen them all

If you read the Chicago Tribune, you may have caught the article on “Staying festive but secure” about the security measures the bid committee is planning if Chicago is awarded the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

One particular line caught my eye. It’s a quote from Doug Arnot, director of venues/operations for the bid committee. He said: “If you’re selling a hot dog, we run a background check.”

What about you? Are you screening every job applicant? Are you screening every prospective tenant? Why not?

The people planning security for the Olympics know a simple fact. You don’t screen people simply because of the job you may give them or the apartment they may rent. You screen people make sure they don’t get access to the “employees only” parts of your business or to another tenant’s property.

If you’re not doing it already, think about screening them all. There are two ways a “screen everyone” policy will work for you.

First, and most obviously, your screening will catch people with criminal records, bad driving records and an unstable history.

Second, and not so obvious, there is a deterrent effect. Prospective tenants and employees who know you screen everyone are less likely to apply at all. That narrows down your list to a higher percentage of good prospects.

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